Orienteering competitions in a homestead

Legend has it about the hidden treasure of the Order of Templars and the Masonic Brotherhood, which no one has been able to find so far… You hold the tools and tasks in your hands. You need to decipher the secret message and find the treasure.

To get a chance to touch the treasure with your own hands, to feel the scent of it, you will have to test yourself and the strength of your team. You will be getting closer to the treasure in small steps, while consistently completing new and intriguing tasks. During the game, you will have to remember how to use a compass and will discover how eloquent a map can be and how many riddles an archaeologist has to solve to move forward towards his goal. The orienteering competition in a homestead is a game at the end of which you will have a clear understanding of whether it is just certain team members or the entire team with whom you would dare to travel to the edge of the world.

  • Number of participants: 10-150
  • Event location: selected homestead
  • Duration: ~ 3 hours.


  • People are divided into teams

  • The items needed for the game are distributed, the rules of the game are explained

  • The orienteering competition in the homestead to find a mysterious treasure starts

  • The teams reach their final destination, a celebratory award ceremony takes place

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